Wherever you run BastionLinux applications; we can manage them for you.

Our Marketplace applications are carefully engineered and often coordinate many services in order to deliver the actual application. We are very deliberate in keeping all configurations in their expected place(s) and all of the systems we independently package are compliant with Red Hat standards.

But there is no getting around the fact that these are all sophisticated systems and some familiarity is needed to manage on your own. If you’re not prepared to invest in that, then we are here to help.

How it works

Your server already has a bunch of our agents installed upon it. It is really a matter of you providing us a root credential so we put some certificates on the node and re-register these agents.



We use Chef to deploy and manage all configuration. We will be re-running the roles and profiles that originally placed your host in it’s desired configuration.

We also set up individual customer profiles to more deeply integrate applications to other services you may have.


Our remote monitoring is Grafana.